An action-based program that reveals any issues your customers are experiencing, identifies pain points to improve, and celebrates what you’re doing well.

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An action-oriented program

HX Connect is an action-orientated program. That means you can move beyond simply measuring customer experience and turn up the dial on improving it.  In-built action planning reports, close loop feedback systems, and trigger emails all add up to an impactful program that increases satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy, and, ultimately, your bottom line.

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The sky is the limit

Not only do you get all the CX essentials, but you also benefit from unlimited survey completes and dashboard users, eliminating the chance of cost overruns.  

Better yet, HX Connect is supported by expert CX consultants who will help you get the most from the program.

Proven expertise

Understand and act on customer experience and reap the rewards

All of our programs have seen significant increases in overall satisfaction and recommendation since they launched – including increases of up to 38% for overall satisfaction and 32% for recommendation

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Key Features

All your bases are covered


Unlimited survey completes & unlimited dashboard users.


Closed loop feedback system & action planning reports so you can stop issues in their tracks and continuously improve.


Role-based access &  automatic sample processing & CRM integration.

Real Time

Live dashboard with key metrics, trends over time, leader board to benchmark performance, aggregated and record level responses and customer comments.


Save time by identifying current and emerging themes with text analytics.

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