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Data is only numbers and words unless you see the intelligence within. We bring to light what your customers, employees and marketplace see in you and others, and provide you with the insights to take your business to the next level.

Potentiate - Powering Human Experience!


Market Insight

Not every haystack contains a needle, but all data can contain a nugget of gold.

We'll help you mine the gold in your data, by applying a fresh perspective that resolves the missing link between data research and business value. We help transform your business by connecting insight to action.

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Customer Experience Management

Finding customers isn’t always easy. Retaining them can be.

We’ll help you see the difference that engaging and emotional connections with your customers can deliver. We’ll uncover the customer truths that really matter from which real satisfaction and repeat business are predictable outcomes.

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Employee Engagement

Your employees are the custodians of your brand and customer relationships.

We'll help you see what truly engaged employees can accomplish. We establish the connection between employee engagement and customer experience and illuminate the processes and pathways for accelerating growth.

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Cool Tools

Data can be complex and disparate, we have the technology and know-how to bring it all together for you.

We see what others don’t. You can too. We have a suite of tools to easily aggregate, interrogate, integrate & disseminate your Market, Customer and Employee data, giving you the insights you need for your decision making.

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