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Integrate all your business-critical information in one place.

Live, dynamic, interactive. Making informed decisions just got a whole lot easier.

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Break free with Insights Hub

Integrate all your critical information on one platform, freeing you up to make more informed decisions whenever you need.  Insights Hub accommodates multiple data sources, both live and static, to give you the complete picture of what’s happening in your business, and outside it. Now that’s worth writing home about.

Amplify the value of your data

Easily merge data from disparate data sets to uncover truths that may not otherwise be seen

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Business efficiencies have arrived!

Insights Hub provides the right data to the right people – so no one can be accused of peeking at confidential info – role-based access makes sure of that. And it’s efficient. Eliminating manual processing and avoiding double-handling across the business. Round of applause!

Proven expertise

We can make your data work harder for you

No longer will your data be buried in PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets. Regardless of the source or the nature of the data, we'll bring it all together for you so you have one, powerful single source of truth. You can then be confident that your business decisions are based on integrated, relevant, and current data rather than gut feel or half the story.

The Platform

Engage community members in on-going conversations with our suite of fully integrated qual and quant research tools. Collect rich timely data to feed into your decision making process

Launch your member site

Get started with one of our templated, brandable mobile-first sites, or build a bespoke community website. Use our native app to bring the community directly to customers' smartphones

Build a thriving community

Send mobile optimised surveys throughout the customer journey via email, SMS, WhatsApp or Web Intercepts.

Enrich your quant with qual

Pick from unlimited Surveys, Quick Polls, Forums, Diaries and Live Chats. Run projects individually or sequentially.

Spot insights in an instant

Quickly make sense of member posts with our NLP-powered moderation and qual analytics tools.

Merge multi-project data

Export multi-project data into any industry standard format, or bring your data to life using our data visualisation tools.

Reward your members

Automate your financial incentives processing and gamify project completion to keep members coming back for more.

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