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Our brand story | now you see it

Jodie Roberts
May 17, 2018
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In May 2018, we launched our re-brand, what a journey it’s been! Our goal was simple, we wanted to bring to life how data intelligence can grow your business.

Our fresh and colourful new look characterises our approach to data intelligence and how you see it.


The device | The ‘lemniscate’ (or infinity symbol)

The multi-faceted graphic element of the logo is based on a lemniscate and reflects the perpetual acquisition of data and the way that data feeds into and continually builds on itself. There’s also a subtle ‘d’ for data and ‘p’ for Potentiate that’s featured.

The full colour spectrum has meant we’ve been able to draw on individual colours from our palette to represent different parts of our offer.

The tag line | Now you see it

Summarising our business offer in less the 4 words is a challenge. That said, we’re really happy with where we landed. The ‘Now you see it’ tag line talks to Potentiate being well equipped with the technology and the know-how to show you a way forward that no-one else can. We love it for it’s simplicity and clarity.

The offer | key pillars for your growth

We wanted the rebrand to incorporate the critical pillars for continued business success. Combining Market Insights, Customer Experience Management and Employee Engagement can accelerate business growth. All enabled by Potentiate’s suite of Cool Tools.

The rebrand involved each pillar being represented by an icon, with a dominant colour featured in each. Green for Market Insight (Growth), Orange-Red for Customer Experience (Happiness), Purple for Employee Engagement (Connecting) and Blue for Tools (Trustworthy).

In summary

After over 12 months of brand strategy and design, we’re thrilled with our new look. Most importantly, our rebrand marks our expansion in consulting services, product and geographic locations.

If you like what you see, and want to grow with us, contact us today.

Written By

Jodie Roberts

Jodie Roberts is the Client Communications and Development Director for Potentiate. She works closely with clients embedding voice of customer programs in to their business, and is dedicated to providing consultancy on how to continually improve their customer experience. Contact us for a live demonstration of Potentiate's Voice of Customer programs or contact Jodie directly