Harness the people power within your organization, improve employee engagement and, in turn, deliver great customer experiences with HX Engage.

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Focus on your employees… your secret weapon for success

HX Engage offers a fully flexible approach to employee engagement.  You can tap into your employee experience at all points in their journey with your company or look at longitudinal change within your organization, using a series of short pulse surveys at defined intervals. Alternatively, deep dive with a comprehensive bi-annual engagement program.

The result?  Satisfied and engaged employees deliver more positive customer experiences.

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Employees are your direct link to your customers

HX Engage also enables employees to capture their perceptions of customers’ experiences, solve common customer problems, share their solutions, and drive innovation through an employee insight community.

Harness the power of your people

Your people are your most important asset

As Denise Lee Yawn of the Harvard Business Review says, 'Customer Experience and Employee Experience are now two of the driving forces of business. Knowing what your team members are thinking and feeling is your path to success. In our volatile environment, it's now more important than ever to check in with everyone in your team. If they're unhappy, you need to uncover why and set things right asap. Having the ideal tools for  ongoing dialogue with your people is critical to keeping them happy – and your business thriving.

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Key Features

All your bases are covered

Employee Engagement Module

Email questionnaire delivery with multi-lingual capabilities. Branded online dashboard with role-based access. Closed loop feedback. Text analytics, including sentiment analysis. Action plans. Filtering capabilities by geography, team & time period. Trigger notifications. Support from employee experience consultants.

Employee Insight Community module

Branded employee insights community. Collaboration forum. DIY employee surveys and quick polls. Support from insight community engagement specialists.

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Harness the people power within your organization, improve employee engagement and, in turn, deliver great customer experiences with HX Engage.

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