HX 360 – your answer to delivering exceptional human experiences

Bianca Scott
July 28, 2021
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It’s no secret that human-centric companies outperform their competitors and enjoy increased profitability.

At Potentiate, we take a human-centred approach and  want to make it easier for you to take one too.

We offer a combination of solutions that deepen your understanding of your customers & your employees, and provide you with valuable insights into your business and competitive landscape.

HX 360 is a suite of services that comprises the following:


An action-oriented customer experience (CX) program, to track your customer experience across all touchpoints.



An insight community for deeper insights into your customer base.



A holistic employee experience program.



A knowledge bank where you can store, search and share documents, images and digital assets.



A sophisticated dashboard where we visualize disparate data (eg. CX, operational, brand tracker data, reviews etc.), so that you can share it across your business.



Bespoke research services. Researchers, designers, creatives, UX specialists, CX specialists, EX specialists, data engineers, developers, community managers & analysts - all at your finger tips (and you'll have fun along the way).


In short, everything you need for a complete, human-centric, 360o view.

With so many solutions, you can pick and choose and combine them to really dial up the impact.

For example, teaming up your customer experience & insight community programs gives greater breadth & depth to your insights.  You can use your customer experience program to understand experiences across multiple touchpoints and identify issues.
Then, you can use your insights community to deep dive into those issues, collaborate on solutions and undertake concept testing on the proposed solutions.

Conversely, you can flip things the other way around and start with your insights community.  For instance, you can use your insights community to ideate & co-create new product and service solutions.  Once the new product or service is launched, you can monitor how well it is embraced through your customer experience program.

Likewise, combining employee experience with customer experience can strengthen both programs and provide better business outcomes.

Engaged employees create positive customer experiences, resulting in more loyal customers and, ultimately, stronger financial returns.  So, it makes sense to focus on your employees in order to improve your customers’ experiences.  Your employee experience program can also be used as a collaborative forum, to help solve common problems flagged through your customer experience program.

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