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  • chad-madden-7HuBEZaehSE-unsplash.jpg

    How to optimise your CX program during COVID-19

  • Brands_COVID19_Potentiate.png

    How Brands Act Now Will Be Remembered Later

  • Potentiate_Pandemic.png

    How Brands Are Responding To Lockdown

  • Potentiate-COVID19 2.jpg

    COVID-19 - A message from our CEO Peter Harris

  • Potentiate_Pandemic.png

    Webinar Invitation | What Now? | 31 March

  • Potentiate_Summit_2020.png

    Webinar Invitation | 100% Human | 25 March

  • aleksey-boev-HC2R5chgLMw-unsplash.jpg

    T-shaped insights | research that gets closer to your customers

  • HX_Communities_Potentiate.jpg

    5 ways to put Human Experience ('HX') into practice

  • Alicia_Employee_Engagement_Potentiate.jpg

    Employee Engagement drives the Customer Experience

  • Potentiate_Millenials.jpg

    3 ways to engage younger people on your Insight Community

  • HX_Potentiate.jpg

    Why HX, Why Now?

  • Silent_Majority_Potentiate.jpg

    Customer Complaints and the Silent Majority

  • Differential_Potentiate.jpg

    Differential Asia & Potentiate join forces

  • Lenny_Murphy_Potentiate_3.jpg

    Leonard Murphy appointed as ‘Strategic Corporate Development Advisor’ for Potentiate

  • Bushfires_potentiate.jpg

    Our commitment to support the Australian bushfire relief

  • Potentiate_Volunteering_2019_2.png

    Potentiators giving back this Christmas

  • Potentiate_Summit_2020_V2.png

    Your Invitation | Disruptive, Smart & Innovative 2020 Conference

  • Ray_Poynter_Potentiate_V4.jpg

    Hopes & Fears for 2020

  • Potentiate_Malaysia_CX_Event.jpg

    CX in SE Asia - a special invitation

  • Potentiate_Human_Experience_HX.jpg

    Move over CX and UX, the future is HX

  • GettyImages-1045529768.jpg

    A Problem Well Stated is Half Solved

  • Potentiate_Europe_Expansion.jpg

    Potentiate expands to Europe

  • nong-vang-9pw4TKvT3po-unsplash (003).jpg

    What can you learn about Qualitative Research in six hours?

  • Potentiate_ESOMAR.jpg

    Five Winds of Change, Sweeping Away Traditional Market Research

  • Potentiate_Webinar1.jpg

    A Culture of Experimentation | Webinar Invitation

  • Ray_Poynter_Potentiate_v2.jpg

    Ray Poynter joins Potentiate as Chief Research Officer

  • Potentiate_Vision_Critical.jpg

    Potentiate joins forces with Vision Critical Australia

  • AMSRS_Conference_Potentiate.jpg

    Potentiate Platinum Sponsor for AMSRS conference

  • Potentiate_Veriluma_JV_v2.jpg

    Potentiate announces joint venture with Veriluma

  • Consumer_trends_Potentiate-5.jpg

    Why consumer trends are your gateway to competitive advantage

  • Potentiate_blog_empathy_customer_experience.jpg

    Empathy - the one word that will transform your Customer Experience

  • alex-perez-661756-unsplash - large-2.jpg

    5 reasons why instantly knowing what your customers think will grow your business

  • Potentiate_Blog_Customer_Retention_2.jpg

    Why failing to truly connect with your customers is costing you money

  • GRIT_potentiate_infotools_greenbook.png

    Potentiate and Infotools partner to support GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report

  • Potentiate_CX_Response Rates.jpg

    10 ways to maximise your CX survey response rate

  • Respect_Potentiate_CX.jpg

    How to show respect to your customers

  • Potentiate_Christmas.jpg

    In the spirit of giving

  • ROI_Potentiate.jpg

    5 steps to maximising the value of your research

  • Data security.jpg

    Potentiate one of the first companies to achieve Fair Data accreditation

  • Potentiate_Connect_Customer_Experience.jpg

    Which companies truly connect with their customers?

  • Potentiate_CX Day.jpg

    Happy CX Day!

  • Potentiate_Delight_Customer_Experience_CX_1.jpg

    How to truly surprise and delight your customers

  • CX Customer Service Potentiate.jpg

    Who is your priority?

  • nps.jpg

    NPS | Looking beyond the score

  • Potentiate_Rebrand_1.jpg

    Our brand story | now you see it

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