Data is the lifeblood of your business. Having the right tools will make it quicker and easier to cut through the noise and sharpen your focus on the drivers of business success.

We take your structured and unstructured data and turn it into actionable intelligence, giving you the insights you need to pioneer new approaches and initiate powerful ideas.

HX Connect

Get to know your customers and reap the rewards.

Positive customer experiences reduce churn, drive recommendation and increase spend. To help you understand your customers so that you can deliver these positive experiences, we have the perfect platform – HX Connect. HX Connect is an action orientated CX program that harnesses customer feedback in real-time, allows for easy issue resolution through a close loop feedback system and provides the right information at the right time to the right people. HX Connect is packed with features to let you monitor and optimize all your touchpoints and identify priority areas for improvement.

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HX Communities

We are insight community experts. Our mission is to make you one too.

We’ll help you build a vibrant online community of real customers that will deliver illuminating & actionable insights about your products & services. HX Communities are perfect for driving deeper understanding of customer perceptions, accelerating innovation and de-risking decisions. Engaging with customers in ongoing conversation also creates stronger relationships & engenders greater customer loyalty & brand affinity.

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HX One Integrated Dashboard

Struggling with so much data you can’t make sense of what you have?

We may just have the solution you have been looking for! Now you can bring all your business-critical information together into one interactive dashboard, HX One, freeing you up to make more informed decisions. HX One accommodates multiple data sources, both real-time and static, to give you the complete picture of what is happening in your business. All live, interactive, and accessible across your entire organization.

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HX Engage

Employees….your (not so) secret weapon in creating positive customer experiences

HX Engage allows you to harness the human capital within your organisation to improve employee engagement, encourage effective decision making and drive innovation. HX Engage gives you the tools to not only track employees’ perceptions of customer experience but also their own experience with your organization. HX Engage also provides the forum for employees to collaborate and share solutions to common customer problems.

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HX Hub

Never lose a research report again!

An extension of HX 360, HX Hub keeps all your research, reports, images and video files within easy reach – maximizing the value of your investment. Files can be uploaded by you and your team with ease and shared across your business using role-based access controls.

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HX Intelligence

Turbo-charge your CRM and reduce customer churn.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to anticipate your customers’ needs, predict which customers are going to churn and retain high value customers? With HX Intelligence, you can do just that. HX Intelligence, powered by Houston We Have patented software, uses Human-Centred Augmented Intelligence to predict customer behaviour. In short, we help you identify why and when customers are most likely to leave. So you can determine how to keep them.

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